Acupressure Mat | Helps Relieve Plantar Fasciitis Fast

Acupressure Mat | Helps Relieve Plantar Fasciitis Fast

Plantar Fasciitis Pain

     An Acupressure Mat is not just for your back and neck.  It can be used for your feet too! If you are a runner, or you walk or stand for long periods of time, there is a solution.  People are just now discovering the many uses of the natural, yet ancient healing method, of Acupressure.  Others have never heard of how great it works on your feet.  There are huge benefits of simply standing on an acupressure mat to help ease typical foot pain.  One of the common foot conditions millions suffer from is called plantar fasciitis.

     Plantar Fasciitis is not to be trifled with.  The simple version is that this is a condition of the plantar fascia, the long thick tissue that runs along the bottom of your feet. It connects the heel bone to your toes.  When that tissue gets irritated (in various ways) it gets inflamed causing much discomfort.

     There are a few great ways to use an Acupressure Comfort Mat to help your aching feet and ease the pain from the Fascia.  You might want to sit down the first time you use the mat.  Doing so will help determine how much initial pressure you might want to put on your feet.  So how does it help with Plantar Fasciitis?  That’s a question that’s asked more times than you think. When you stand on the mat, the HIPS plastic pressure points (High Impact Polystyrene) help soothe the Fascia (the bottom of your foot) and they separate, push, and stretch that muscle in a unique way.

Thousands of Plastic Points Help You 

     The “plastic points” give maximum relief and you should feel it working almost immediately.  It’s recommended that you use it for two to three minutes at first and then gradually work your time up from there.  By using an acupressure mat often, you will gradually be able to put your full weight on your feet.  That will give you maximum effect and super-fast relief.  You can literally feel the stretching of the Fascia easing the tightness of the foot while desensitizing the pain.  Simply find the size and color you desire and get your feet feeling great again!  

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