Our Mission Statement is simple: We believe in what we believe!

Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently.  The way we challenge the status quo is by offering products that are beautifully designed, thoughtfully crafted, and simple to use.  We simply offer the best Acupressure Mats on the planet.

How we founded Acupressure Comfort Mats:

It started with a car accident involving one of the co-owners of the company. She found the acupressure mat by accident while doing some research on alternative ways to get relief from back and neck pain. She was blown away by how fast it worked even after the very first time using it. She also laid down on the mat for about 20 minutes and was amazed how fast it worked to alleviate her headache while also feeling rejuvenated.   

We found millions of people just in the United States that were suffering not only from back and neck pain but from all kinds of other ailments as well. Many professionals in the massage and medical field are helping their patients to be better informed about the ancient wisdom and philosophy of acupressure. 

We love helping people and giving back. We’re glad you stopped by and thanks for reading.