“Back Pain Costs US Economy $650 Billion Annually!” 


One Way to Ease Back Pain; Use and Acupressure Mat

We now know that 8 out of 10 people will suffer some kind of back pain in their lifetime.  And that’s just in the United States alone.  One fast way to alleviate back pain, believe it or not, is with an acupressure mat.  But let’s get some facts straight first.  There are too many reasons to list here how and why people get backpain but when you have 80% of the population complaining about it, that’s a problem.  According to the CDC* (Center for Disease Control & Prevention) it costs employers an average of $1,685 per employee annually. That number, just for productivity,  costs businesses $225 billion a year. And that report was back in 2018.  Could you imagine what that number is today in 2023?

 There are many ways to help alleviate back pain.  One such method, as we mentioned above, is a thousand years old, but it seems to work wonders.  It is the ancient Eastern philosophy and method of acupressure.  You may say to yourself that it is an old wife’s tale, but millions of people using an Acupressure Mat can’t all be wrong.  By bringing the ancient wisdom and practice of acupressure to the West, more and more Americans are swearing by its healing power.


How an Acupressure Mat Helps Reduce Inflammation in 10-20 Minutes

Work related injuries, physical workouts (including stress) can compound themselves and are all contributors to affect 80% of us with lower and chronic back pain.  Using an acupressure mat for just 10 – 20 minutes a day is known to help ease the incredible pain associated with those different types of back pain.  If you are one of 20% that doesn’t suffer from these conditions, then good for you!  But if you are in the 80% bracket, then there is hope.

     If you are truly suffering with chronic back pain and nothing else seems to be working, you may wish to consult your physician.  Ask if using an acupressure comfort mat might help ease your pain. You’ll want to make sure you are looking at the right size for your body shape and of course, find a nice soothing color as well.  

*  Source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention