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Eco Acupressure Mat Set | 100% Linen & Coconut Fiber

Eco Acupressure Mat Set | 100% Linen & Coconut Fiber

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This natural Acupressure Mat is made with tough and durable 100% Linen and soft and sturdy Coconut Fiber. Stays cool while still providing you with the full benefits of acupressure. Thousands of high-impact-resistant plastic points help soothe your aching muscles. Use the mat for ten to twenty minutes each day and you will feel pain relief fast. Say goodbye to stress, anxiety, and even chronic back and neck pain. Definitely use the Acupressure Mat before bedtime to get a great night's sleep.


The high-impact-resistant plastic points embedded in the mat are meticulously designed to target pressure points, melting away your aches and discomforts. With this Acupressure Mat, embrace a holistic approach to wellness, wherever you are.

  • Relief and Relaxation: Experience immediate relief from stress, anxiety, and muscular pain. Just ten to twenty minutes daily will rejuvenate your body and mind.
  • Improved Sleep: Using the Acupressure Mat before bedtime promotes a deeper, more restful sleep, letting you wake up refreshed.

benefits of acupressure points

relieve pain and stress with acupressure mats


  • Top Quality Linen: The mat is crafted with 100% durable linen, ensuring longevity and a comfortable touch.
  • Natural Coconut Fiber: Beneath the linen, you'll find soft yet sturdy coconut fiber, which keeps the mat cool for enhanced relaxation.

How to wash an acupressure mat


  • Mat: 18" x 29"
  • Pillow: 12" x 15 3/4"

Mat and Pillow Set Dimensions

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